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Under the American immigration laws, a juvenile who has been subjected to abuse, neglect or abandonment by one or both parents may file a petition to have his or her immigration status changed to that of a lawful permanent resident, despite being in the country illegally. There are, however, a number of limitations on eligibility. If you or someone you love is a minor and may meet the requirements, attorney Jamal Jbara can help you.

At the law offices of Jamal Jbara, in Long Island City, New York, we bring more than 20 years of focused practice experience to people facing a wide range of immigration issues, including special immigrant juvenile petitions. We are licensed to provide immigration counsel in all 50 states.

Since we opened our practice, we have successfully represented hundreds of people facing immigration problems. We know from experience that the immigration laws often change. We take the time to stay up to date on all developments in the immigration laws and regulations, so that we can always provide you with the best counsel.

We built our practice by providing high levels of personal service and attention, always seeking to build personal relationships with our clients. We’ll start by listening, so that we can learn exactly what you’re facing and what you need to resolve your dispute. We’ll always provide an honest and thorough consultation, making certain you understand your rights, as well as your prospects for getting the outcome you want. We’ll help you carefully consider your options, so that you can make good decisions that are in your best interests.

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Let Us Help You with a Special Immigrant Juvenile Petition

When you come to us, we will carefully consider the facts and circumstances of your case, so that we know whether you qualify for a change of Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS). We won’t take your case if we don’t think we can win.
If we represent you, the first thing we will do is file the necessary pleadings in family court to get custody or guardianship. We will then carefully gather, evaluate and preserve all evidence to support your petition, and will prepare and file all paperwork or other necessary documentation. We will also be your voice in any hearings, meetings or proceedings throughout the process, including all dealings with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Our ultimate goal, throughout the process, is to have any pending removal/deportation proceedings cancelled and get you a green card.

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