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Whether you want to become a lawful permanent resident in the United States (with an immigrant visa) or you want permission to remain in the country legal for a limited period of time (nonimmigrant visa), the process of applying for the visa can be complex and confusing. An experienced immigration lawyer can guide you through the process. The law office of Jamal Jbara can help.

At our offices, we offer clients more than 20 years of practice experience focused on immigration issues, including applications for immigrant and non-immigrant visas. We are licensed to provide immigration counsel in all 50 states.

Over the past couple decades, we have successfully represented hundreds of immigrants seeking legal assistance, helping them secure lawful permanent residency, avoid removal or deportation, seek asylum and pursue citizenship and naturalization. Our representation is built on relationships—we’ll take the time to get to know you and to understand the details of your situation, as well as your goals. We will help you understand the law and the process, and will carefully explain your rights, options and prospects for success, so that you can make informed decisions about how you want to proceed. We don’t take every case that comes to us—we will only agree to represent you if we believe we can get the results you want.

Over the past 20 years, we have seen major changes in America’s immigration laws and regulations. We have worked hard to stay current with all developments, so that we can help you pursue the best outcome. To arrange a confidential consultation with an experienced and proven immigration attorney, contact our offices online or call us at (718) 361-7984.

Let Us Help You Apply for an Immigrant or Nonimmigrant Visa

We will assist you with the application process for all types of immigrant and non-immigrant visas that are processed through American consulates. That includes:

  • EB visas for certain immigrants, including professionals with advanced degrees; persons with extraordinary abilities in the arts, science, education, business or athletics; skilled or professional workers; religious workers; and investors
  • L visas for individuals who have worked in certain executive types of positions in other countries and want to transfer to an American facility
  • F-1 temporary (nonimmigrant) visas for students
  • H1-B temporary visas for workers

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Proven Immigration Attorney—Fiancé or K-1 Visas

We Handle Visa Applications for Immigrants in New York and Nationwide

If you are the fiancé/fiancée of an American citizen, you may enter the country with a K-1 visa, but you must get married within 90 days, or leave the country. If you get legally married, you can then seek an adjustment of status to obtain your green card as a lawful permanent resident. The K-1 visa application process, though, can be complicated. You want an experienced immigration lawyer to help you through the process.

At the Long Island City offices of Jamal Jbara, we have helped immigrants with a wide range of issues since 1998, including all matters related to K-1 or fiancé visas. We are licensed to provide immigration counsel in all 50 states.

Over the last 20 years, we have helped hundreds of clients achieve positive results in immigration matters. We built our practice on a commitment to provide personal attention and representation to every client. We know from experience that every case is unique, so we’ll take the time to learn the details of your situation, as well as what you hope to accomplish, so that we can use our experience, skill and knowledge to get the outcome you want.

We know the immigration process can be confusing and intimidating. We will carefully explain the law and the process, as well as your rights, options and chances of success, so that you can make good decisions about how you want to proceed. We have seen the laws and regulations governing immigration change significantly over the last two decades, and we’ve worked hard to stay current with all developments, so that we can help you get the best result. We are highly selective about the cases we take—we won’t waste your time or your money if we don’t think we can get the outcome you want.

To schedule a confidential consultation, contact our offices online or call us at (718) 361-7984.


Let Us Help You with an Application for a K-1 Visa

We will walk you through the K-1 fiancé/fiancée process, carefully evaluating the facts to confirm that you qualify. We will then handle all matters related to getting the application processed and approved:

  • We will help you prepare and file Form I-129F, the petition for your fiancé
  • Once the Form I-129F is approved, we will ensure that it is sent to the consulate where your fiancé has applied for the K-1 visa
  • If the K-1 visa application is approved, your fiancé will then seek admission at a port of entry into the United States
  • If you and your fiancé become legally married within 90 days, we will file all necessary documentation for an adjustment of status to lawful permanent resident, allowing your spouse to get a green card

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