Jamal Jbara
Attorney at Law, P.C.
41-18 Court Square, Suite 400
Long Island City, NY, 11101

tel: (718) 361-7984

email: info@jbaralaw.com

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Jamal Jbara

Attorney at Law, P.C.


      "I had a complicated deportation case that other attorneys said I had no chance of winning. Attorney Jbara, however, not only successfully defeated the deportation against me, he also helped me get my green card (legal permanent residence) I highly recommend his services".
Ivan H., Colombian from  Kingston, New York.

      "After 25 years as a lawful permanent resident, I was almost deported because of a drug conviction many years ago. I spoke to several lawyers and they said that I would most likely be deported. I went to Mr. Jbara because he was highly recommended to me. I'm so glad I did. He did an excellent job of representing me and proved to the judge that I should keep my lawful status."
Ricardo S., Panamanian from  Brooklyn, New York.

      " I never thought I could become a U.S citizen because I had a medical issues that  affected my ability to study for the test. Attorney Jbara worked with my doctor in preparing a thorough medical waiver application so that I would be excused from taking the test.  The waiver was approved and I am now a U.S. citizen. Thank you Mr. Jbara for helping me realize my dream of becoming a U.S. citizen."
Maria C., Ecuadorian from Queens, New York.

      "Through attorney Jbara I received a work permit under the U visa program because I was a victim of a crime and I cooperated with the police. He is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend him. "
Luis V., Ecuadorian from New Jersey.

      "My wife and I are eternally grateful to you Mr. Jbara for winning our deportation case and helping us obtain our permanent residence status based on our U.S. citizen son’s disabilities.”
Mr and Mrs. Isidoro,  Mexicans from Westchester, NY
     “I am so grateful for everything Mr. Jbara did for my family. He represented my employer and me throughout the labor certification and immigration processes. Now my wife and I have our lawful residence and we can finally visit our family in Ecuador after many years.”   Alfonso C.,Ecuadorian from Long Island
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